Sunday, April 3, 2016

Post Lent Catch Up

Hello! Spring is definately in the air, all I can think about is cotton linen yarn blends, ha! We were offline for lent. I broke it to sent a few messages as not to worry some we had dissapeared. It was a calm break that had us reading and crafting more around my house. Ash Wednesday snuch up on us! It can before Valentines Day which was very odd. I did get spoiled by a swap box that arrived from the lovely Oarangesforadam, 
Yellow is my favourite colour and she made me a yellow valentine! The dear hand crafted frame is hanging in my bedroom above my dresser and it makes me smile often. So many good crafty treats as well as the BEST decaf coffee I have ever had. Really, decaf coffee is an awkward oxymoron at the best of times but Texas knows their stuff! DH LOVED the full blend. Everything was a blessing, thank you Oranges!!
I made a wee neck cozy for a friend.
a wee Mug Hug for another
finished a baby sweater for a wee one who arrived in February 
did up my first pair of mitts
finished off this cardi for me
made slippers for Grama Tink
and slippers for the Captain of the Good Ship Lollipop.
I have been learning how to make Victorian lamp shades. It will take done time. It is very relaxing to sit and stitch. I will post more about this later and edit in a link of where the idea came from for me. 
So there is my lent craft wise recap. It was a little season of reflection, thankfulness, encouragement, blessing, and rejuvenation for my soul. Next year we will think of something good to add to our daily lives rather than take away. Not that there is any hard fast rule for us, it is just a practice we have enjoyed doing as a family, and that is always a precious thing.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Jar Upgrade

My friend came to visit a few days. She has the gift of crafting. She brought me a lovely dishsoap or lotion pump she made from a jar. But the pump did not work. She was so sorry, but the pump was new so she assumed it worked. No problem. My current dishsoap bottle was almost empty and it has a good pump on it. Which made me think when I went to fix it, I should share this idea!
You would need: 
-a jar with lid
-a pump (bought or saved from an old bottle)
-a tool to punch and pry a hole in the metal lid
-glue (hot glue gun or strong glue)
-ribbon or embellishments
-something to fill your new pretty dispenser with

Or save these gems for hostess gifts or other giving!

Pretty easy to make. The only effort is getting the lid hole the right size and sealing the base of the pump in. Be sure your pump shaft is slightly above the base of your jar.
A nail can be used to start the hole and wiggle it larger. I found this not as hard to do as I thought it would be.

I have now been oogling my groceries to see if I have any good jars and pumps to make more, ha!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentines Penny Pockets

I best post these now as I have a few more to sew up; and who knows when I will get to them, ha!
Free pattern at:

I love this project because it is a stash buster if you aren't purchasing a layer cake of fabric for it! I also had to look up how to make yoyos for the front as I did not have a fancy dancy yoyo maker. I took a cardboard can with plastic lid and made my own circle maker.
I pressed the scrap with a hot iron before popping it into the ring and lid mould. This gave me a circle crease to follow as I pressed in my 1/4" seam after. Stitched evenly around edge, pull in thread, knot yoyo, and sew on embellishment.
Making there little ruffles are fun!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Centre Piece

I was very inspired by this post by Mrs.T: and had been thinking of what I had around to make a centre piece with. I was doing the dishes and putting things away in the fridge when the Costco Steinfeld's pickle jar in the fridge sparked an idea. Now, my family just needed to eat those pickles!

I found a second smaller pickle jar washed and ready. I gathered supplies...
Paint frozen juice lids pale blue.
Clip twigs from yard, trim to jar height.
Anchor in a chunk of styrofoam with a coin or washer taped to the bottom for counterweight.
Glue up and glitter branches.
Fill juice lids with Glassy Glaze or like substance once paint is dry, sprinkle a bit of glitter around your "pond" edge.
Set tree in, pour in salt (or sugar) to cover tree base. 
Set in a cookie cutter, animal figurine, or some little pretty that makes you happy.
Set pond in when glaze set. 
Glue and glitter top rims of jars.
Set on cake stand, table runner, doily, or on their own.
Add a couple candles for ambiance!
Enjoy winter wonderland.
Animal cookie cutters from Ikea.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Aunty's Apron

My SIL is a craftfair genius. For her birthday coming I made her a vendor apron to wear. It has pockets for change in the front, cell phone one one side, protien (or candy) bar on the other. I used what I think might have been vintage place mat or table cloth fabric as the base. It is heavy like oil cloth but not shiny wipable, Kwim?
I added a thick scrunchy sash, elasticated top pockets, and extra long tie to put a bow in the front if she wants.
The back is lined with cotton.
I think it will work really well for her. Yes, I do wish I was keeping it, ha! Some stats for when I make one later in the year...
Cut 2: 13" x 17" , right side in, trim off from bottom left corner up to the 1" along the top point. Sew down that wedge seam to create slight dart in center of apron. Repeat with lining pieces and set that aside for after pockets are sewn on.
Pockets are rectangles, fold in half, press side seams 1/4" in on all sides. Sew a bit of thin elastic in top fold edge by back stitch anchoring end, stretch flat with fabric, loose zig zag across, back stitch anchor other end. Pin to desired spot, stitch 3 pressed in sides.
Sew apron and liner together right sides facing, leaving top seam open. turn rightside out, press.
top edge sash is cut 2" longer than top edge measurement (so is an inch longer on each end when pinning) by 14". press in half longwise. Press under 1" seams on long edges. Lose base stitch ends to gather. Pin pressed in seams with apron top incased and centered in it 1" up into the sash. Just guess and feel as you pin. Sew on.
2 Ties are cut: 6" x 43" (? the width of the fabric is what I did. Press in half longwise rightside in. trim a taper off one end of each tie. Sew 1/2" seam from taper end to a hand length BEFORE other end. {My professional technique is mind bogging right? ha! hang in there.}
Turn ties rightside out, press, including pressing the seams 1/2" in on last bit of side and end cap. 
Pin end cap 1/2"in past side edge of apron, tucking in the gathering and pinning well enough to sew on. Repeat other side. Press and LOVE!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Media Bags

My children recieved DVD players from their GP's so I made up these bags to keep the players, chargers, headphones, and a few movies in. The concept was 6"d x 9"w x 10"h cinch bags with 3 compartments inside to help keep things tidy and untangled. The pull cords also can be tied to the seat headrests in front of them to hand up the screen for viewing if we are on a long drive.
I used 3/4yd ea of 4 fabrics they chose. I cut the 3 inner bags and swapped the fabrics up with each other. 9-10ft of paracord per bag. 2 cuts of thin elastic at 5 1/4"ea. Roughly.
I suppose these could be good for activity bags as well!
Bag cuts are:
Main Outer 26" x 15.5"
Front Inner Bag A 11" x 21.5"
Middle Bag B 12" x 22.5"
Back Inner Bag C 11.5" x 22"

All seams sewn 1/4", top edges hemmed in 1", openings for cords at main bag seams is 3/4".
Pressing the bags makes pinning in much easier. Cross sew gussets:
Main: 6" wide (3" on each side from seam mark)
Bag A: 1.5" wide (3/4" ea side)
Bag B: 2.5" wide (1 1/4" ea side)
Bag C: 2" wide (1" ea side)

NOTE: if you are reading this and think... why not just do 3 x 2"gusset bag cuts? Do that. It would be way easier! I might next time. Cut 1 Main and 3 Bag C cuts.

this is a main bag cut, folded right sides in, sewn up side seams, squished flat with a side seam in center, being measured to pin the points for sewing in the 6" gusset. See how there are 3" on each side of the seam? That creates the box...
Turn right sides out after sewing across the gusset edges. The othe 3 lining pieces will be created the same fashion but pinned in with rightsides in. Sew a bit of elastic pinned inside the 2 inner bag top seams. Sew close edge seam, leaving 3/4" opening for cord on each side. Sew a second round of seam to create cord casing. You have to stop and start this seam when you come to the inner bag walls.
I should have taken a pic of pinning in the elastic. But seeing as I am likely the only person on the planet who will use this made up pattern, I'm ok with that. Please DO email me if you need help with sewing these lovelies. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Chipping Away At Unfinished Projects

I got a cowl/hoodie finished and blocked. It is a pattern by Sara Gresbach called Defrost. I added width to it so the hoodie style for an adult person. This was meant to be finished in 2015. I have a good list of UFO's (Unfinished Objects) that I hope to knock out before the year is out!
I also managed to finish and fall asleep in my knitted socks that took 3 months to do, oops! I do like this book though, Socktacular, by knitpicks.
The book allows you to custom pick, texture, type of heel, toe, and wether you knit toe up or leg down. My next pair I will try this 2 at a time toe up! Oh, ha, that's a math book in the pic.